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Speciessort descending Name Synonyms
Cattle Shangan
Cattle Barka Begait
Cattle Serere
Cattle Bovines of Tete
Cattle Nandi Zebu
Cattle Blonde des Plateux d'Oulmes et des Zaers Blond Moroccan; Blond Zaers; Moroccan Blond; Oulmes
Cattle Bashi
Cattle Cape Hatton
Cattle Ghana Shorthorn Ghanaian Shorthorn, Gold Coast Shorthorn, WAS (but ambiguous).
Cattle Angone Angonia
Cattle Ghana Sanga Sang
Cattle Touareg
Cattle Humbi Humbe, Angola Cattle
Cattle Bhagnari Bhagnari Draught,Nari,Kachhi
Cattle Orma Boran Tanaland Boran