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Species Namesort descending Synonyms
Cattle Tuli Harvey's Cattle, named after the settler farmer who collected the original Amabowe cattle that provided the foundation stock for the Tuli.
Sheep Tunisian Milk Sheep Sardinian; Silico-Sarde.
Cattle Turkana
Sheep Turki-Ghashghaei Lak-Ghashghaei
Sheep Turkish Merino
Sheep Uda Bali-Bali, Bouli, Peul, Balami, Yankasa Bororo (western Sudan), Fellata (western Sudan)
Chickens Ugandese Chicken
Cattle Ugogo Grey Ugogo Zebu
Chickens Unguja
Cattle Usuk
Chickens Van phu chicken
Sheep Van Rooy Van Rooy While Persian
Sheep Vandor
Sheep Vogan
Goats Vogan