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Species Namesort descending Synonyms
Sheep Boujaad
Cattle Bovines of Tete
Cattle Brown Atlas Brune de l' Atlas (Algeria; Morocco; Tunisia); Beldi; Blonde des Plateux; d'Oulmes et des Zaers;Oulmes Blond, Oulmes, Blond Moroccan, Blond Zaers, Moroccan Blond (Morocco); Libyan Brown Atlas, Libyan Shorthorn, Mahalli (Libya).
Cattle Brown Swiss
Buffalo Búfalo de Pantano
Buffalo Búfalo de Río
Buffalo Buffalypso
Buffalo Buffel Buffalo
Buffalo Bulgarian buffalo
Buffalo Bulgarian murrah
Buffalo Búlgaro
Cattle Butana Red Desert cattle, Dar El Reih, Dongola, Shendi, Bambawa
Buffalo Cambodian
Chickens Cameroon normal feather fowl Normal feathered
Sheep Candir