Chickens - Breeds

그룹정렬 - 오름차순 Breed Synonyms
Variety/Ecotype Ri chicken Ta Chicken
Variety/Ecotype Baladi Beheri NA
Variety/Ecotype Chiefiman
Variety/Ecotype Swazi Broiler
Variety/Ecotype Naine Nodige
Variety/Ecotype Gai Chon
Variety/Ecotype Lintao
Variety/Ecotype Bosbeck
Variety/Ecotype Kolokolochié
Variety/Ecotype Local Chicken of Moulkou and Bongor NA
Variety/Ecotype Starcross 288
Variety/Ecotype Black Australorp Black Orpington
Variety/Ecotype Pemba
Variety/Ecotype Kuchi
Variety/Ecotype Horro
Variety/Ecotype Ho chicken To chicken
Variety/Ecotype Isa Brown
Variety/Ecotype Moroccoan Beldi
Variety/Ecotype Erh-Mei
Variety/Ecotype Desi
Variety/Ecotype Mandarah
Variety/Ecotype Gebsima (Graish mixture, literally barely plumage colour) Gebsima doro
Variety/Ecotype Arbor Acres NA
Variety/Ecotype El-Salam
Variety/Ecotype H'Mong chicken White coat & black meat type