Chickens - Breeds

Grupoordenação descendente Breed Synonyms
Variety/Ecotype Gai Chon
Variety/Ecotype Dokki 4 NA
Variety/Ecotype Kolokolochié
Variety/Ecotype Dakissechie
Variety/Ecotype Ri chicken Ta Chicken
Variety/Ecotype Naked neck
Variety/Ecotype Dandrawi
Variety/Ecotype Pemba
Variety/Ecotype Seckne NA
Variety/Ecotype Local Ghanian Fowl
Variety/Ecotype Norfa
Variety/Ecotype Ho chicken To chicken
Variety/Ecotype Chefe
Variety/Ecotype Aseel
Variety/Ecotype Black Australorp Black Orpington
Variety/Ecotype Chicken of Karal and Massakory NA
Variety/Ecotype Lohmann Brown
Variety/Ecotype Lintao
Variety/Ecotype Gebsima (Graish mixture, literally barely plumage colour) Gebsima doro
Variety/Ecotype Matrouh
Variety/Ecotype Moroccoan Beldi
Variety/Ecotype Erh-Mei
Variety/Ecotype Bosbek
Variety/Ecotype Kuchi
Variety/Ecotype Swazi Layer