Cattle - Breeds

Group Breed Synonymssort ascending
Commercial Composites Qocherie Local
Humpless Shorthorns Lobi Lobo-Goui, Mere-Lobi, Mere (but this name is better left for their crosses with zebu).
Humpless Shorthorns Baoule Lobi (in Bouna division) and Mere (but this confuses with the name of zebu crosses with Lobi).
Humpless Shorthorns Liberia Dwarf Muturu Liberian Muturu
Humpless Shorthorns Logone Lagone
Small East African Zebu Teso Zebu Kyoga, Usuk, Serere
Small East African Zebu Nuba Mountain Zebu Koalib
Humpless Shorthorns Nigerian Forest Muturu Kirdi
Humpless Shorthorns Kapsiki Kidri
Small East African Zebu Kikuyu Kenyan Highland Zebu
Small East African Zebu Winam Kavirondo Zebu
Large East African Zebu Samburu Kamasia
Sanga Humbi Humbe, Angola Cattle
Commercial Composites Frisonne Pie-Noire Holstein (black and white)
Sanga Damara Herero
Commercial Composites Cape Hatton
Sanga Tuli Harvey's Cattle, named after the settler farmer who collected the original Amabowe cattle that provided the foundation stock for the Tuli.
Small East African Zebu Goffa Goffa Dwarf
Humpless Shorthorns Ghana Shorthorn Ghanaian Shorthorn, Gold Coast Shorthorn, WAS (but ambiguous).
Commercial Composites N'dama Grande Gambian N'dama
Sanga Raya-Azebo Galla-Azebo
Sanga Nuer Eastern Nuer, Abigar
North African Humpless Shorthorns Damietta Domiatta, Domiatti, Domyati, Dumiati, Dumyati, Domiati
Recently Derived Breeds Djakore Djokore, Race du Sine
Small East African Zebu Garre Dauara