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Group Breed Synonymssort descending
Fat-tailed Coarse Wool (wavy wooled) Barki Arab; Barqi; Bedouin; Dernawi (from the town of Derna); Maryuti; Libyan; Mariouti.
Fat-tailed Fur sheep Karakul Astrakhan, Bukhara, Arabi, Duzabi, Kambar, Shirazi, Sur; Persian Lamb
Fat-tailed Coarse Wool (wavy wooled) Ossimi Ausimi; Osemi; Ausemy; Meraisi.
Thin-tailed Hair sheep Congo Dwarf Bahu (after the name of group of ethnic groups that maintain the breed)
Thin-tailed Hair sheep Uda Bali-Bali, Bouli, Peul, Balami, Yankasa Bororo (western Sudan), Fellata (western Sudan)
Fat-tailed Hair Sheep Pedi Bapedi
Fat-tailed Hair Sheep Swazi Bapedi, Zulu
Thin-tailed coarse wool sheep Tadla Ben Meskine
Thin-tailed coarse wool sheep Ben Guil Beni Guil; Petit Oranais; Hamra; Hamyan; Harcha; Race des Plateaus de l'Est; Beniguil; Daghma; Tounfite; Tounsint.
Thin-tailed coarse wool sheep Hamra Beni-Ighil
Fat-rumped Hair sheep Blackhead Somali Berbera Blackhead, Blackhead Ogaden, Toposa (Sudan), Murle, Turkana, Gabbra, Boran, Adali (Afar blackhead), Blackhead Persian (in South Africa after genetic improvement), East African Blackheaded Persian (Uganda).
Thin-tailed coarse wool sheep Berber Berbere (Morocco, Algeria); Ait-Barka (Morcco); Ati-Mohad; Ait Haddidou; Aknoul; Marmoucha.
Fat-rumped Hair sheep Toposa Blackhead Persian, Blackhead Somali
Fat-tailed Hair Sheep Africander Cape fat-tailed, Namaqua Africander, Ronderib Africander, Blinkhaar, Steekhaar, Nama
Fat-tailed Sheep Sakiz Chios, Cesme
Fat-tailed Fur sheep Akkaraman Common Akkaraman; White Karaman
Thin-tailed Hair sheep Congo Long-legged Baluba Congo Long-legged, Sudanese
Thin-tailed Hair sheep Angola Maned Coquo
Thin-tailed Hair sheep D'Man Damana; Demnan; Demmane; Demane; Tafilalet
Fat-tailed Hair Sheep Afar Danakil, Adal
Developed / composite breeds Jaffna Deshiya Betaluwa; Lanka
Developed / composite breeds Dohne Merino Dhone Merino
Developed / composite breeds Dormer Dorman
Thin-tailed coarse wool sheep Doukkala Doukkala-Abda; Doukkalide
Fat-tailed Coarse Wool (wavy wooled) Arsi-Bale Ethiopian Highland, Abyssinian, Arusi