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Group Breed Synonymssort descending
Variety/Ecotype Local Chicken of Cote d'Ivoire NA
Variety/Ecotype Tswana NA
Variety/Ecotype Sina NA
Variety/Ecotype La Race Amelioree NA
Variety/Ecotype Baladi Beheri NA
Variety/Ecotype Local Chicken of Moulkou and Bongor NA
Variety/Ecotype Arbor Acres NA
Variety/Ecotype Dokki 4 NA
Variety/Ecotype Seckne NA
Variety/Ecotype Afabird NA.
Variety/Ecotype Netch (White plumage color) Netch doro
Variety/Ecotype Naine Nodige
Variety/Ecotype Cameroon normal feather fowl Normal feathered
Variety/Ecotype Koekoek Potchefstroom Koekoek
Variety/Ecotype Poulet Du Djelogodij Poulet de dori
Variety/Ecotype Ovambo Rural Chicken
Variety/Ecotype Mia chicken Sugar cane chicken
Variety/Ecotype Ri chicken Ta Chicken
Variety/Ecotype Tikur (Black plumage color) Tikur doro
Variety/Ecotype Ho chicken To chicken
Variety/Ecotype Souche Chair Vadette; Anak
Variety/Ecotype Lebowa-Venda Venda
Variety/Ecotype H'Mong chicken White coat & black meat type
Variety/Ecotype Wuwei Wuwei Fighting Chicken
Variety/Ecotype Tilili Ye-Tilili Doro