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Group Breed Synonymssort descending
Fat-tailed Sheep Kamakuyruk
Developed goat breeds Arabi
Zenga Bovines of Tete
Small East African Zebu Singida White
Fat-tailed Sheep Makui
Thin-tailed Hair sheep Rembi
Sanga Kigezi
Fat-tailed Sheep Afshari
West African Zebu Fellata (Bororo)
Thin-tailed coarse wool sheep Ait Mohad
Large East African Zebu Toposa
Fine Wool Sheep South African Mutton Merino
Small East African Zebu Usuk
Fat-tailed Sheep Kurdi
Thin-tailed Hair sheep Boujaad
Fat-tailed Sheep Awassi
Fine Wool Sheep Northern Kazakh Merino Sheep
Commercial Composites Semien
Thin-tailed coarse wool sheep Hemsin
Small East African Zebu Harar
Developed / composite breeds Afrino
Lop-eared goats Saidi
Short-eared Twisted horn Norduz
Fat-tailed Sheep Wello
Commercial Composites Drakensberger