Ethiopian Boran


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Special Characteristics: 
Basically a beef animals, with large and wide frame; weighs up to 500 kg; it is also a good milker providing most of the staples for the pastoral community.
Main Location: 
The main location of Ethiopian Boran is the southern rangelands of Ethiopia, around Liben, Mega and Arero plains with the Borana pastoralists and bordering area of northern kenya.
The breed originally descended from the first introduction of zebu into Africa from West Asia. The breed established its presence first in the semi-arid and arid pastoral Borana plateau of southern Ethiopia. It is maintained by the pastoralist ethnic group of the same name. Pastoral movements and migrations led to spread of the Ethiopian Boran to the eastern rangelands in Ethiopia as well as into northern Kenya and south-western Somalia. The Orma Boran, the Somali Boran and Kenya Boran have evolved from these migrations.