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Bokoloji, Godali, Sokoto
Special Characteristics: 
Have characteristic loose skin that result in a large dewlap and pronounced sheath in the bull; horns are short, and tend to be longer in the cow than in the bull; coat colour varies between grey and white, or light dun, with dark shading over head, neck and shoulders; the tail switch is black; long and compact body; conformation resembles that of the east African Boran zebu and the Indo-Pakistani Zebu; have good dairy characteristics.
Main Location: 
Maintained by the Fulani and Hausa people in the Sokoto province of Nigeria and adjacent parts of Niger.
These Sahelian Zebu breeds are believed to have descended from the Indo-Pakistani Zebu, which entered the Horn of Africa by way of the Persian Gulf and south Arabia. Arabian invaders spread the zebu to the south and west over the continent from 669 BC. The reference to these zebu cattle as Arab cattle reinforces this theory (Felius, 1995).