Kenya Boran


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Special Characteristics: 
Similar to Ethiopian Boran. Basically a beef animals, with large and wide frame; weighs up to 500 kg; it is also a good milker providing most of the staples for the pastoral community. Excellent walking ability, drought resistance; pronounced herd instinct; excellent mothering ability; docile temperament; high degree of disease resistance and tolerance; good heat tolerance and protection against solar radiation; highly adaptable to a variety of climates; extremely long life due to its high fertility, and good adaptability and large sex dimorphism, i.e. a small female and a large steer or bull, is a particular characteristic of the breed.
Main Location: 
Found in pastoral areas of northern and western Kenya.
Originally descended from the first introduction of zebu into Africa from West Asia. The breed evolved from populations of Ethiopian Boran cattle that migrated with their owners or traded into northern Kenya. Distinct from the Orma Boran, they spread outside the Tana River basin into northern and central Kenya. Some of these were taken up in the 1920s by British settlers in Kenya and undergone genetic improvement for beef that now produced the Improved Boran, a recognized breed on its own.