Cattle - Breeds

Groupsort descending Breed Synonyms
Commercial Composites Egyptian
Commercial Composites Pie rouge
Commercial Composites Wegera
Commercial Composites Bhagnari Bhagnari Draught,Nari,Kachhi
Commercial Composites Blonde des Plateux d'Oulmes et des Zaers Blond Moroccan; Blond Zaers; Moroccan Blond; Oulmes
Commercial Composites Mauritius Creole
Commercial Composites Masri
Commercial Composites Salers
Commercial Composites Semien
Commercial Composites Bonsmara
Commercial Composites Charolaise Charolais
Commercial Composites Monoufi
Humpless Longhorns Kuri Baharie, Bare, Borrie, Boundouma, Dongole, Kouburi, Buduma, White Lake Chad, Boenca, Boyenca
Humpless Longhorns N'Dama Boenca, Boyenca, Fouta Jallon, Fout, Malinke, Mandingo, N'Dama Petite, Fouta Malinke, Futa, N'Dama Peti, Gambian Longhorn
Humpless Shorthorns Ghana Shorthorn Ghanaian Shorthorn, Gold Coast Shorthorn, WAS (but ambiguous).
Humpless Shorthorns Nigerian Forest Muturu Kirdi
Humpless Shorthorns Lagune Mayombe or Dahomey (in DR Congo), Lagoon (in Ghana)
Humpless Shorthorns Kapsiki Kidri
Humpless Shorthorns Sheko Shewa-Ghimira, Goda, Mitzan
Humpless Shorthorns Liberia Dwarf Muturu Liberian Muturu
Humpless Shorthorns Nigerian Savanna Muturu Muturu (a Hausa term meaning 'humpless')
Humpless Shorthorns Bakosi Bakuri, Kosi
Humpless Shorthorns Logone Lagone
Humpless Shorthorns Somba Atacora (in Benin), Mango, Konkomba (in Togo).
Humpless Shorthorns Baoule Lobi (in Bouna division) and Mere (but this confuses with the name of zebu crosses with Lobi).