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Group Breedsort descending Synonyms
Variety/Ecotype Djided (Massaguet)
Variety/Ecotype Djided (Pont Beile, N'djamena, Rual, Chib)
Variety/Ecotype Dokki 4 NA
Variety/Ecotype Dong tao chicken Dong Cao Chicken
Variety/Ecotype Doufowchié
Variety/Ecotype El-Salam
Variety/Ecotype Erh-Mei
Variety/Ecotype Fambougourichié
Variety/Ecotype Fayoumi Biggawi; Ramadi
Variety/Ecotype Gai bahn
Variety/Ecotype Gai Chon
Variety/Ecotype Gai Pune Muang
Variety/Ecotype Gebsima (Graish mixture, literally barely plumage colour) Gebsima doro
Variety/Ecotype Gimmizah NA
Variety/Ecotype Golden Montazah
Variety/Ecotype Guping
Variety/Ecotype H'Mong chicken White coat & black meat type
Variety/Ecotype Hisex Brown
Variety/Ecotype Ho chicken To chicken
Variety/Ecotype Horro
Variety/Ecotype Hua-Tung
Variety/Ecotype Hybro
Variety/Ecotype Inkhukhu
Variety/Ecotype Isa Brown
Variety/Ecotype Jarso