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Groupsort descending Breed Synonyms
Variety/Ecotype Amberlink
Variety/Ecotype Matrouh
Variety/Ecotype N'zenzegere
Variety/Ecotype Nkhuku
Variety/Ecotype Chicken of Karal and Massakory NA
Variety/Ecotype Oke chicken
Variety/Ecotype Fayoumi Biggawi; Ramadi
Variety/Ecotype Morogoro-medium
Variety/Ecotype Doufowchié
Variety/Ecotype Sudanese Bare Neck Baladi
Variety/Ecotype Peulh Le poulet du sud
Variety/Ecotype Theen-Yee
Variety/Ecotype Bosbek
Variety/Ecotype Te chicken Draft chicken
Variety/Ecotype Kindta Gueti NA
Variety/Ecotype Tau Vang chicken Yellow Chinese Chicken
Variety/Ecotype Poule du Benna Benna toklre (soussou), Benna, sise (malinke), Gerto benna
Variety/Ecotype New Hampshire
Variety/Ecotype Jingning
Variety/Ecotype Jarso
Variety/Ecotype Lanka
Variety/Ecotype Rossi
Variety/Ecotype Chiedieman
Variety/Ecotype Mong chicken
Variety/Ecotype Rhode Island Red