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Borgu, Borgawa; Bobori
Taurine x zebu cross
Special Characteristics: 
Neck-humps in bulls only; variable coat colour, but most animals are white with black eyelashes and muzzle; show little sexual dimorphism. Planned genetic selection in progress at the M'Betacounou government farm.
Main Location: 
Kept under both transhumance and sedentary production systems of northern half of Benin, north-eastern Togo and south-eastern Burkina Faso. Also spread into north-western Nigeria, where they are known as Keteku. Accounted for 70% of the cattle population of Benin in 1990, and a third of it in Togo in 1978 (Felius, 1995).
Stabilized crosses between humpless Shorthorns (Somba or Lagune) and adjacent zebu breeds (often Fulani). Earlier reports used the term Borgu to refer to all forms of humpless x zebu crosses in West Africa; however, observed morphological variations as well as involvement of different groups of parental lines led to narrower definitions. For instance, similar crosses in Nigeria (Kwara state) involve the N'Dama and are referred to as Keteku.