Breeds in Tanzania, United Republic of


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Speciessort ascending Group Breed Synonyms
Sheep Fat-rumped Hair sheep Blackhead Somali Berbera Blackhead, Blackhead Ogaden, Toposa (Sudan), Murle, Turkana, Gabbra, Boran, Adali (Afar blackhead), Blackhead Persian (in South Africa after genetic improvement), East African Blackheaded Persian (Uganda).
Sheep Developed / composite breeds Dorper White Dorper, Dorsian, Dorsie (in Afrikaans)
Sheep Fat-tailed Hair Sheep Red Maasai Maasai, Tanganyika Short-tailed, Kipsigis, Luo, Nandi, Samburu
Sheep Fat-tailed Hair Sheep Rwanda-Burundi-Tanzania Long-tailed Tanganyika Long-legged, Ugogo
Sheep Fat-tailed Hair Sheep East African Blackheaded Tanganyika Long-legged, Ugogo
Pigs Unidentified Pig Tanzanian local pig
Goats Short-eared Small-horned Maasai Gogo, Chaga, Arusha, Small East African
Dromedary Camels Unidentified Dromedary Camel Tanzanian Camel Camel/Tanzania
Chickens Variety/Ecotype Unguja
Chickens Variety/Ecotype Singamagazi
Chickens Variety/Ecotype Pemba
Chickens Variety/Ecotype Morogoro-medium
Chickens Variety/Ecotype Mbeya
Chickens Variety/Ecotype Ching'wekwe
Chickens Variety/Ecotype Kuchi
Cattle Commercial Composites Mpwapwa
Cattle Small East African Zebu Mkalama Dun
Cattle Small East African Zebu Chagga Wachagga
Cattle Small East African Zebu Pare
Cattle Small East African Zebu Zanzibar Zebu
Cattle Large East African Zebu Improved Boran
Cattle Small East African Zebu Singida White
Cattle Sanga Watusi Rwanda Sanga, Burundi Sanga, Kivu (in DR Congo).
Cattle Small East African Zebu Iringa Red
Cattle Zenga Jiddu or Tuni Tuni, Surco, Sucra, Surug, Macien, Serenele, Serenli